Stephanie and Scott with San Ramón in the background

Thank you so much for your interest in our ministry to San Ramón, Perú. The ministry of hrt4Peru began when Stephanie felt the Lord’s call on her life to Peru in 2014.

Stephanie’s calling: My heart for missions began when I was in high school. I majored in missions (Bible) at Pensacola Christian College and even went on a couple of missions trips over the years (Ivory Coast and Romania), but I knew that my mission field was somewhere else. During my daughter’s junior year (2014) in high school, my daughter and I discussed the possibility of us doing a mission trip together. I contacted a college friend (Candy Surrett) who grew up as a missionary kid in Perú about the possibility of going with her. Through prayer the Lord confirmed that we should go and serve through Hope for Women Ministries. That summer we joined with several different churches, serving by sharing our testimonies and teaching at women’s conferences. I absolutely fell in love with the people, the country, the need, the “all” of Perú. I firmly believe that the Lord has placed a burden on my heart to return. The Lord allowed me to return to Peru the next three summers (2015, 2016, and 2017), and again serve the women, teens, and children in several different cities. The Lord affirmed the call to Perú and placed San Ramón on my heart.

For years, because of my divorce, I believed that the Lord was done with me. He has actually shown me that He wants to use my past to bring others to Him. There are many women who are hurting and who need His love. I am thankful that He uses broken vessels. I am blessed that He has turned my mess into a message for Him.

The Lord has called me to serve in San Ramón, Peru. He placed on my heart that now is the time to GO YE. On the 4th of July 2018, I left Mississippi and arrived in Perú. I am “home” in San Ramón. I am continuously amazed of the Lord’s goodness! I am still at a short fall of my monthly needed support, but I trust the Lord to bring in all needed provisions as only He can.

Scott’s calling: My heart for missions came later in life, but serving the Lord started at a young age. I was invited to a VBS when I was just 6 years old. I learned that Jesus loved me, and He died so I would have a way to go to heaven. I accepted Christ during VBS, which is one reason VBS and Children’s Ministry are such an important part of ministry for me.

I knew that God had a plan for my life to tell others about His Salvation plan and even thought from an early age that I would be called to be a preacher, but God had a different plan. Through my teenage years and young adult life, as I was waiting to be called to preach, I began singing in church and helped run many VBS programs across many states with my sister, Patti and Lennie Ministries. During that time, I was also taking courses from Liberty University for Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry.

I have always wanted to serve the Lord, and at one time I thought I would serve as a missionary to the Philippines, but because of life experiences (divorce and all that goes with that), I wasn’t sure that God could or would use me for ministry. But after Stephanie and I reconnected after several years and we talked more and more of how God was allowing her story to influence others, I realized that God did have a place for me. As I prepared to visit the Philippines, the doors closed, but the door was wide open to visit Peru. So, I visited Peru. When I landed in Lima, Peru I thought, “This is very nice, but this does not feel like where I will be in the future.” But the next day came. We traveled 8 hours due east to a small city called San Ramón where I found my calling. I knew that these will be my people and I will serve the Lord here. What a blessing to be able to serve the Lord with a wonderful lady like Stephanie. I know that God truly loves the people of Peru; He worked in my life to reach and serve there.

Sending Church Information: Stephanie has been sent from her home church, Country Woods Baptist Church in Byram, MS, and Scott is being sent from his home church, Crosspath Church in Chattanooga, TN. We are affiliate missionaries of Light for Living, Inc., who serves as our mission board. If you or your church are interested in supporting our ministry, please click on the button below (Send Stephanie a Blessing Today!) or send an email to theAndersons@hrt4Peru.org.

We trust you will find this website helpful as you keep our ministry in your prayers.