Peru 2017, Week 3

Peru 2017 Week 3:

Sunday: Charo and I made it back to San Ramón around 8am. I didn’t sleep much on the bus – I had one of those icky sour stomachs that I get (and, no, not just here in Peru. I get them in the US, too). Pastor Jorge went to the pharmacy for me to get Milk of Magnesia. It tastes just as bad here as it does in the US (haha). I showered and got ready for church, but I felt horrible. The service will be a bit different today since it’s Father’s Day. (Yes, I called my dad via Facebook Messenger for a few minutes to wish him a happy Father’s Day.) I taught, well…stumbled through reading….the lesson to the older kids. Thankfully, Nico was there to help me with the words that I didn’t know. The verse about pride going before a fall came to mind quite a few times. If I’m honest, I didn’t practice the lesson ahead of time. I just figured I’d go in there and be able to do it just fine. Boy, was I wrong! Then, I went straight into the little kids. I’m using a CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) flashcard set for a few lessons before I switch over to A Beka Book flashcards. Anyway, I digress. There is a preschool part for each CEF lesson, but (since I hadn’t practiced or really even read it over ahead of time), I couldn’t tell what were the directions and what was the lesson. I finally just handed the lesson over to one of the other helpers. I was so frustrated and embarrassed. I know part of it was that I didn’t feel well, but most of it was just not being prepared. The Lord humbled me. Yes, I can “wing it” in English, but I can NOT do that in Spanish – not yet anyway. It really overwhelmed me – How am I supposed to teach in Spanish this summer?! One of the helpers is a good friend of Charo’s. She makes me nervous to speak in front of. I don’t know why. She’s as sweet as can be! But, I tend to freeze in front of her. I’m giving that to the Lord. Again, I’ve got to get over myself. The kids all did a program of sorts in church, and Tamara played her violin while Pastor Jorge played the piano. After church, there was a big lunch for everyone. I ate rice, potatoes, and salad, but I didn’t eat the meat. My stomach was just too iffy. After lunch, I slept for about 2 hours. It did me good. That evening, Pastor Jorge asked me about why I couldn’t get through the lesson in Spanish. I told him that I wasn’t prepared for the little ones, but that it wouldn’t happen again. I could tell he was disappointed. I didn’t like that.

Monday: Tummy is finally back to normal! YAY! Pastor Jorge has started a week-long breakfast fast as he looks to the Lord for guidance on what he should do here for the church. His heart for the ministry here is so bold, so strong. He is discouraged, I can tell. He preaches and teaches, but he doesn’t see changes. Charo shared that with me. I told her that the US has the same problem quite often. Jonathan’s dad (Jonathan is a missionary here who grew up in Guatemala) is moving to San Ramón soon to start a Baptist church on the other side of San Ramón. Charo said this will be good for the area, since their church is the only Baptist (non-Catholic, non-Pentecostal, non-Mormon) church here. Jonathan has said he will not leave this church to work in his dad’s church. I know that is a relief to both Charo and Pastor Jorge. One of the more frustrating things for them is the lack of involvement from church members. They know that they need to follow up with those folks who visit, in their homes, but no one will go with them. Charo cannot do the visiting alone, and even she and Pastor Jorge “alone” can’t do it all. This is one way that I will help in my first year here – accompanying Charo on home visits. In the evening, Charo and I cut out the invitations for this Saturday’s unmarried women’s meeting. I’ll be teaching on “¿Quién es primero en tú vida?” (Who is first in your life?) Although this is the same lesson I taught in Villa Juanita with Candy translating, it will be a bit different. The Lord showed me a few parts that needed a change, so those are done. I’ve also updated the PowerPoint and handout. I think Samuel is translating for me. I think it’s become evident to everyone that I’m just not quite ready to teach in Spanish.

Tuesday: I went to the market with Charo after breakfast. I enjoy walking and talking with her. Yes, it takes me awhile to get some complete thoughts out, but…practice is practice. Today, while walking, we talked about what I need when I move. That’s basically everything…haha. We have a “plan,” too. We’ll make a list of everything. I can basically buy everything I could possibly need in Lima. Because the outlets are different here, I would either need a transformer for all of the kitchen gadgets I have, or I need to buy new here. So, I’ll buy new here. When I come (the plan is next year), I’ll bring a team from CWBC for a week, then when I take them back to Lima to fly back to the US, Charo will go with me, and we’ll go buy. Deliveries are made to San Ramón for not much at all. She said it’s MUCH cheaper to buy in Lima and pay delivery charges than to buy here or in La Merced. So… There’s a plan. And, she said, once I say, “Yes, I’m coming,” she’ll find me an apartment close to the church. There’s one now that she has her eye on for me.  Before I leave for this summer, I’m hoping to get a photo of it. Today is Samuel’s birthday, so lunch was out. In the afternoon, I worked more on upcoming lessons. I still have quite a few to finish. I’ve got to get a better system – but school (you know, those lesson plans, etc) seem to get in the way – haha. Charo and I passed out about 20 or so invitations around town for this week’s meeting. A few have committed to coming. Praying that the Lord brings those that need to hear. In the evening, several of Samuel’s friends came over for cake and Inca Cola. YUM! We sang and visited. At the end, Miguel, one of the workers in the church, asked if I would teach him English. I told him I would, but he had to help me with my Spanish. He agreed! We start tomorrow!

Wednesday: Woke to cooler temperatures and rain. After breakfast, Charo and I went to the market for food for lunch. She’s making aji de pollo! YUM!! I studied quite a bit while she cooked. Uploaded pictures from my camera and phone to my flashdrive. Now, I just need to get them uploaded to Facebook. As I studied this afternoon, the Lord gave me peace about the lesson for Saturday. I’m thankful for that. After lunch, I actually took a small nap. I didn’t mean to – haha. It really was a lowkey day, other than studying. Had cake and coffee for supper. Don’t judge. The big meal here is always lunch. Supper is almost always very light. After supper, I studied with Miquel. He actually knows more than I knew he did. Tonight, I just worked with him on basic vowel sounds and basic conversation stuff, but he knew most of that. I’ll be better prepared for next Wednesday. He has grown so much since I first met him 2 years ago – grown in the Lord, that is. He has a great desire to learn. After we were done, we had family devotions. I’m getting faster at reading, and I’m understanding more as we go, except when everyone else reads super fast. I guess that’s how it sounds to them when I read in English or speak in English. I may actually need a blanket tonight – lol.

Thursday: Woke with another sour stomach. UGH. I get these in the US, too, just not as frequent. I’m not sure what caused this one. I didn’t overeat last night. It could be the coffee in the morning and the coffee last night. My body isn’t used to much caffeine these days or to that much coffee ever. Took meds early. Skipped breakfast. Charo has class (institute), so she asked me to chop the vegetables. What would take her 30-45 minutes took me every bit of an hour and a half! But, I got them done, and I didn’t cut myself! In my book, that’s progress! Lol After her class, Charo finished lunch. The fumigator is coming this afternoon, so basically as soon as we finish eating lunch, we have to leave for at least an hour. Charo and I walked to get the supplies for a Tres Leche Cake (3 milk cake). Since we had to be gone for a bit longer, we walked down by the river. I’ve never seen it from San Ramón, other than driving by it. I took several pictures. Think of a good white water rafting spot and you’ll have an idea of what I saw today! Charo and I also stopped by a cabinet shop on our walk. She would really like to have cabinets in her kitchen. To get them all done is 1100 soles (roughly $344). Thanks to the love offering that I’m able to give them (thanks to the generous giving of those who helped me get here), they have about half of what they need for those cabinets! THANK YOU for helping me help them. Charo made the tres leches cake. I have to admit, it was delicious! The only time I’ve had it was for a friend’s birthday in Lima. It was store bought, and it really wasn’t my thing. But, this one that Charo made – YUM! I will have to be disciplined so as to not have high sugars lol. We read 1 John again. There’s music playing quite loudly outside. Samuel said there’s a festival, but no one seems to know why. Charo said, “Any excuse for a party, and they’ll party.”

Friday: I actually slept a little bit later this morning (7:50). I was tired, although I’m not really sure why. After breakfast, Charo and I went to the market to buy what she needs to make Lomo a pollo. When we got back, I was on KP duty, I mean, peeling potatoes duty. (It takes LOTS of potatoes to make Lomo, and to feed 6, it takes a WHOLE LOT). Again, it took me much longer than it would Charo, but I’m thankful that she lets me help. While she prepared the rest, I worked on uploading photos from the last couple of weeks. It’s a slow process. The internet is a little slower, plus with all of the devices (5 cell phones, 3 laptops, 1 church computer), it’s slow. I also studied for Sunday’s lesson for the kiddos – I’m teaching on the healing of the 10 lepers, where only 1 returns to be thankful. My heart was challenged to be thankful for all things. How many times do we get in a hurry and casually thank Him? We need to be diligent in our thankfulness to Him, in all things. I also worked on my lesson for Pichanaki (Transformed Lives) a little. It’s the lesson that has changed several times over the course of this week. I’ve had to “walk away” from it a few times to get a better perspective. In the early evening, we went to an “anniversary” service for the nuns in the area – a celebration of sorts. We went because the orchestra that Tamara is a part of was playing. I know Pastor Jorge has said that most of the Catholics are in name only, but there were many there tonight singing “praise” and crossing themselves. Tamara did well. Afterward, we had Friday night prayer meeting in the church. We discussed 1 John 2. I was able to answer many of the questions, of course, using both my English and Spanish Bibles. I didn’t answer any outloud, though. I wasn’t ready to do that yet. Plus, most everyone had gotten the questions last week and had time to complete them during their study time through the week. Then, we had prayer time. I wish I could bottle their prayers and replay them over and over. They are so passionate when they pray. There were 13 of us there tonight. We have the questions for chapter 3. I look forward to reading chapter 3 especially deep this week. I was supposed to help Charo decorate the church for tomorrow night’s meeting, but she sent me to bed. I was almost falling asleep at the table while we ate. It’s another cool night, which means I should sleep very well. There’s a fiesta of sorts going on in the streets again tonight, so… I may be putting my headphones in…lol

Saturday: Charo volunteered at David’s school today. Parents are asked to do bulletin boards monthly, both providing the materials and putting them up. Breakfast was just Pastor Jorge, David, Tamara, Samuel, and me. Pastor Jorge asked me if I was going to begin raising my support as soon as I get back and how I planned to do it. I told him that once I knew how much I would need to raise, I could begin trying to talk to churches about taking me on as a missionary, depending on how much Country Woods is able to help me with. He said that he and Charo would help me put together a list of how much I will need each month to both live and serve here. He said my first month would be more, as I will need to buy furniture and dishes and stuff. I knew that I would need to do that. Then, after the first year, he said, when I start adding more ways to serve (projects), I may need to raise more. I worked on children’s lessons for tomorrow and reviewed the lesson for the Señoritas for tonight. After lunch, Charo and I finished decorating the church for tonight’s meeting. Then, she and I sat and talked to some of the teens/young people. Charo taught the young people’s meeting tonight. The kids respond to her. Then, I taught the unmarried women on “Who is First in Your Life?” We had 15 or so there, including at least 5 that I didn’t know personally. One lady cried during much of the lesson, and another seemed to be under conviction. Samuel translated for me. He did well, but I think we need to practice a little before the next teaching. There were several times that he had to ask me to repeat or explain. Pastor Jorge said the lesson was good. All of the ladies seemed to be engaged, so that’s a plus. But, I was reminded again, how much I need to learn Spanish well enough to teach in it. After the teaching, I’m exhausted. (I think I’ve dozed off twice while trying to write the last little bit of this update.)

Until All Shall Hear,
2 Corinthians 4:3, “But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost.”

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