I’m HOME… San Ramón

20th Church Anniversary

I’ve been in San Ramón now for almost a week (in Peru for 2 weeks). I am so very thankful for the opportunity to be here! It seems surreal to say that I LIVE in San Ramón now!

This past Saturday, I taught a Women’s Conference in Tarma, with the themes of “Mary or Martha: Which one are you?” and “Life and Death is in the Tongue.” Samuel translated for me and translated for Denise as she gave her testimony. The Lord blessed. Several ladies stated that it was what they needed. When we were finished, Pastor Jorge taught a mini-marriage seminar. Several decisions were made.

The pastor and his wife have once again stated that, although I live in San Ramón now, I am still their missionary, too. They asked if I’d be willing to come back and speak more often now that I live here. We told them, with notice, absolutely!

We will be traveling to Lima this week for the 2nd step in my residency status. I will meet with immigration on Friday, and then it’s a waiting game. Please pray that my paperwork comes through quickly, as I cannot do “anything” without my residency. For example, I cannot open a bank account here or travel without my passport. It would be easier with the residency card.

Next week, 7/30, we are traveling to Ayacucho for a missions trip with the church here in San Ramón. I am quite excited! Well, except that it is COLD in Ayacucho! haha