Special Prayer Request

20th Church Anniversary
Many of you know that I have been estranged with one of my daughters, Hayley, for nearly 9 years now. She and I have only seen each other 3 times in those 9 years. I have prayed and have asked others to pray that we would be able to reconcile.

The Friday before I left for Peru, I sent her a message asking if we could talk before I moved away. She called me on Saturday, and we talked for over an hour. Since then, we have messaged each other almost daily. This past week, she invited me to her wedding in September!! I cried all day – happy tears, of course! I know that I just got to Peru. I also know that I NEED to be at her wedding!

I currently have enough airline miles to get to Miami from Lima (cost will be $47.36). A generous brother with Light for Living has purchased my round trip ticket from Miami to Nashville with his airline miles (baggage fees will be $85 round trip). I currently need a return flight from Miami or Fort Lauderdale to Lima. I have found one for roughly $400 with American Airlines. It is possible that I can fly standby for roughly $250 through a friend’s contact, but we are not sure yet.

So, I am asking you to pray with me that the needs would be met. Here they are:

  • I am praying that either someone would have airline miles to donate for the return flight or that several someones could help cover the costs of a flight, as this is not in my “budgeted” support at this time. One dear friend has already committed to giving $100 over her monthly support to help with the costs.
  • My residency card can take 30-60 days to come in. If it is not in before my scheduled flight, I have to ask permission to leave Peru and pay a fee. But, if the card is in before the flight, there is nothing I have to do. Please pray that the card comes in before I need to fly out.