Land for Sale

20th Church Anniversary

There is a piece of land here in San Ramón, very close to the church and large enough for a 3 bedroom house with room to expand, that I would love to purchase. The owner would like to sell quickly. Would you pray with me that if God wants me to purchase this piece of property that He would provide the funds to do so. I do not have that kind of money, nor do I have a way to get a loan for it as my monthly support is low. I do believe that the Lord has placed on my heart to purchase the land, so I’m asking Him to provide as only He can. 

First, it would be my home in the future. Right now, I’m living with Pastor Jorge and his wife, which is fine for now, but I need my own place in the future. I would have Bible studies and youth “fun” nights in my home. I would have women’s “teas” there, to disciple ladies in the Bible and in “life lessons.” 
Eventually, I’d have a 2nd and 3rd story to offer a “safe haven” for women and teens to stay for short periods of time. Here, there is a big need for something like that. The girls here, many times, end up pregnant and on the streets. If they have no other place to go, they prostitute. We’re surrounded by mountains here. The women/girls in the mountains are many times “trafficked” within their own families. 
Obviously, until my Spanish is what it must be, I can’t do most of that. And, with the land here being so scarce…. If I can find land as cheap as this, it’s a great opportunity.

One precious family has given $100 toward the land! I need $23,000 or so to purchase the land. If the Lord puts it in your heart to give, follow this link and choose “hrt4Peru” once you’ve set up an account with Light for Living. No amount is too small!!