We have our flights purchased to return to Peru! God has opened doors for Scott to enter Peru. We’ve contacted the Colombian consulate, and they’ve given permission for us to fly through there to Lima. Colombia is one of the approved countries to enter Peru. And the Peruvian immigration gave permission for Scott to enter as a tourist, as long we we are entering from an approved country! Only God could open these doors!

Here is our flight information. We would appreciate your prayers!

Flying 11/13/2020
1) American Airlines Flight AA 2200 from New Orleans (6:30am) to Miami (landing 9:24am).
2) American Airlines Flight AA 913 from Miami (10:55am) to Bogota, Colombia (landing 2:35pm)
3) Latam Flight LA 2447 from Bogota (6:22pm) to Lima (9:25pm)