About Me: Scott

My heart for missions came later in life, but serving the Lord started at a young age. I was invited to a VBS when I was just 6 years old. I learned that Jesus loved me, and He died so I would have a way to go to heaven. I prayed a prayer during VBS, which is one reason VBS and Children’s Ministry are such an important part of ministry for me, but the prayer was just that – a prayer. It wasn’t real in my life. I thought I was saved, but there was no real change in my life – during teen years or adulthood. While serving in Peru, I realized that I did not know for sure that I’d go to heaven when I died. On June 1, 2021, I accepted Christ as my own personal Savior. What a difference in me already!!

I knew that God had a plan for my life to tell others about His Salvation plan and even thought from an early age that I would be called to be a preacher, but God had a different plan. Through my teenage years and young adult life, as I was waiting to be called to preach, I began singing in church and helped run many VBS programs across many states with my sister, Patti and Lennie Ministries. During that time, I was also taking courses from Liberty University for Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry.

I have always wanted to serve the Lord, and at one time I thought I would serve as a missionary to the Philippians. But now I know that God was using that desire for missions in a way for me to prepare for where He really wanted me to go. Stephanie and I reconnected after several years and talked much about the mission field where she was. I fell in love with Stephanie, but I knew if God had another location for me to serve I must go there. I decided to see Peru for myself and see if this is where I am to be or is this teaching me the mission field.

When I landed in Lima, Peru I thought, “This is very nice, but this does not feel like where I will be in the future.” But the next day came, it was 8 hours due east in a small city called San Ramón that I found my calling. I knew that these will be my people and I will serve the Lord here. What a blessing to be able to serve the Lord with a wonderful lady like Stephanie. I know that God truly loves the people of Peru; He worked in my life to reach and serve there.

I also received an Associate degree from Washington State Community College in Social Services which will help us in the future as we follow the Lord’s direction on opening a Children’s Home in the jungle region.