Body….SHUT UP!

About three weeks ago, I received a message that my pastor at Country Woods, Jon Daniels, was resigning as pastor as the Lord had directed him to pastor a different church. I have to admit, when I read that Jon had resigned, I felt kicked in the gut. I cried. Yes, I am thrilled for Jon and the church in Flora! But, I felt sad. I’ve had three pastors in my life – three men that I would call “Pastor,” although I’ve been in several churches over the years with preachers. Only three have truly impacted my life enough for me to call them “my pastor” – Dr. Bob Kelley when I lived in Murfreesboro, TN, Pastor Jorge Sipion in San Ramón, Peru, and Dr. Jon Daniels at Country Woods. All three have been more than a preacher to me – they’ve been friends and mentors.

I also felt scared. Jon has been supportive of my being in Peru, challenging me and encouraging me during my 18 months there. I knew if I needed him, he was just a phone call or message away. He has challenged others to support us, encourage us, and pray for us. One of my fears was, who would now challenge and encourage me? Who would challenge and encourage others to support us? Would the church decide to no longer support us?

The next day, Monday, I received news from Peru about a situation that could impact my pastor there, Pastor Jorge. I felt those same feelings sweep over me – sadness and fear. I felt myself panicking. I even said to Scott, “I think I want off this ride!” We prayed and asked the Lord for peace and His will. Pastor Jorge told us that there would be a church meeting on Wednesday night that would decide their future in San Ramón. I reached out to a few people to pray.

On Wednesday, another missionary friend reached out to me, just checking in. I filled her in a bit on the week, saying, “Scott and I have no doubt that we are supposed to be in San Ramón, and we’re still raising support to go back. We know that God will provide for our needs. It’s just our earthly bodies that are nervous.” My friend said something profound,

“Body….SHUT UP! If it is God’s will for you to be in Peru…it is HIS JOB to see that you are supported. HIS WILL…HIS BILL! Cast all your cares….”

The Lord answered the prayers regarding the situation in San Ramón – all is good. We are thankful for that! We also know that all is good regarding our support. We do not know the how or the who, but God does. We know that He will provide for us. We are trusting Him.

This week, we are mailing out about 40 letters to area churches and about 60 letters to family and friends. Will you pray with us that these letters will challenge others to join with us as prayer and financial partners?